Marketing Made Comfortable With Sendinblue Free Plan

Businesses require an effective marketing strategy to have a steady presence in the industry. Apart from other marketing methods, digital marketing has become the most appropriate one in recent times. With a rapid increase in the use of digital devices, this marketing technique can enhance the level of reach to the public. Many marketing service providers are available and one of the best solutions is Sendinblue free plan. It comes with many flexibilities and perks for the companies to attain a good reputation. 

The following are some notable features of Sendinblue to improve customer experience:


Communication via different methods

Digital marketing comprises websites, social media, email and many more. Sending the appropriate marketing messages to the audience is necessary. Sendinblue free plan offers communication facilities via SMS, email and chat which enhances the customer experience to get relevant details.

Segmentation of audience

A more targeted approach in marketing is necessary to get the best reach. Sendinblue offers this feature and enables efficient marketing.

CRM in-built

Tracking the customers can help in getting their information to provide relevant messages. In this case, Sendinblue provides a CRM to manage the customer details effectively.

Automated marketing

Sometimes, businesses might not find time to send timely messages to the target audience. In such a case, using the automated message sending feature of Sendinblue can be beneficial. Also, automated segmentation can be done, saving more time and effort. 

Use customised forms

In each website, having a custom form can enable the customers to provide their details. It can help the business send relevant messages concerning their business campaigns. Organisations can grow their email contact list with the integration of these forms. 

Statistics on performance

Businesses can expand their empire by viewing the email performance statistics and conclude on their target customers. It helps in defining the working strategy and taking appropriate marketing actions.

A/B testing

To choose the best among the two ideas in the email, Sendinblue offers this testing and picks the best for enhancing performance.


  • Does not require any installations and hence is accessible online.
  • Enables 300 emails per day for free, facilitating small campaigns.
  • Extra Ordinary customer support.


  • Lack of interaction via mobile phones.


Directing the company towards a successful direction is possible with the best marketing service. Therefore choose the Sendinblue free plan services for the best promotion of the business and increase revenue.

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