The Thursday Murder Club: The bestselling native American detective series

Are you a proud dark humour fan? If yes, then this series is just for you. The Thursday murder club is the first book in this series. It is a Sunday Times bestseller novel with over more than four stars. 

Richard Osman is a word wizard whose novels make people fall into the mind of the protagonist. You can feel the fear, the anxiety, the zest, and the zeal of the characters. The book is more than the usual mystery novels you’ve read.

The Thursday murder club is one of his best creations in the native American detective series which you must try if you call yourself a book lover.

Why Is It A Must-Read Novel?

The Word Flow Is Amazing

The most annoying thing a reader experiences is when the flow of the sentences is not good enough. It makes the reader flip their attention to minute details that are crucial when reading a mystery novel.

The Thursday Murder Club has an exceptional flow of words. You will not feel distracted or annoyed while reading the book.

Relatable Characters

When we read a book, we love when the characters are relatable. Most of the readers of the book claimed that the characters are so relatable that it is getting hard for them to forget them.

It is one of the things that makes this the best native American detective series.

Character Development

Character development is what makes the storyline feel relatable to the readers. Humans don’t stay the same. They learn and change. They act according to their past experiences. 

Richard Osman has beautifully given his characters a vivid angle. The characters act and behave accordingly and that is what makes this book so readable.

Easy To Read

The book is an easy read for anyone. The sentence length is perfect. The sentences are well structured too. The vocabulary is not so stylish so it’s easy to understand the storyline.

What People Liked About The Book

  • The book describes the reality of life beautifully.
  • It covers topics such as aging and death that are the truth of life.
  • The book tells a lot about friendship.
  • Plenty of twists.
  • Characters are astonishing.
  • The book is engaging and will make you keep guessing about the murder.

What People Didn’t Like About The Book

  • Nothing.

Liking a novel is a personal choice, but most people who read the book found nothing that was off the point.


This native American detective series has over one million copies sold worldwide. The book is an absolute masterpiece. The book is available as a kindle version on amazon.

If you are a fan of mystery novels, Give this book a try.

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