Product review of Soft Modern Indoor Shaggy classic carpets

Soft Modern Indoor Shaggy carpet is a classic carpet that is 6.6×10 long. This product is created by the brand Rainlin. The rug is Non-Slippery and is very warm as it is made of warm and very soft fur. The warm Rug is for Your Living Room and Bedroom Nursery Kitchen. It can be used to get a soft ground below your feet and warm too. It is like a puzzle solver for your house.



This classic carpet is available in various colours like khaki, grey, pink, pure grey and dark grey. It would not shed its colour. You can wash it in your Washing machine, also you can go for handwash. But make sure you go gentle with the rug. 


It is a multifunctional, classic carpet that has been weaved very carefully so that the threads does not shed easily as it is a hundred percent handmade carpet. The quality is so premium and the design is just so fabulous that it prevents the carpet from sliding around on the floor unless you pick it up and move it yourself. Also, the carpet is Oder less. Reviews say that they don’t shed threads even after multiple washes.

This rug is not produced for a particular gender. You can put it in your son’s bedroom as well as your daughter’s bedroom. It can be used in every room perfectly. 

Quality of delivery

To transfer the product to you safely, the carpet will be packaged in a well folded and compressed bubble wrap and many other layers of protection too. Upon unpacking the package, it might seem to be a little thinner than the original thickness but because of the softness, it will return to normal after three to five days. The brand is very confident in the carpet that they produced. This is one of the best classic carpets that you can ever get as house decor. 


  • Can be an aesthetic.
  • Best quality at such low price.
  • Good quality hand weaving.
  • Helps your feet relax. 
  • Perfect in size


  • If it gets stain then it cannot be removed easily.
  • Furs are too long and might get stuck in washing machine while washing. 


Not just that, it can also be bought if you have a baby in your house. They run around the house and play on the floor and parents need to make sure that they play in a safe environment. These classic carpets are perfect for that. This is a brilliant piece of home decor. it fits every situation perfectly.

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