The new comedy Bible, best comedy books 2021

As the name suggests, this is The New Comedy Bible. The writer of this book is Judy Carter and Why did she name it Bible at the end? Because the content in it is brilliantly hilarious and hence you must read it as we read our Bible daily. This book is rated as one of the best comic books in 2021. Hence it is a must-read. 

Why Is It A Must-Read Novel?


You can buy it for just $19.97 and you will find it in Kindle too just for $6.15 and the audiobook comes for free of charge. 

What is the book about? 

This book has well written, step by step instructions on how you can become a stand-up comedian too. It includes how can you start your career in writing and performing as a stand-up comedian. This book was called the name of “Comedy Essentials” by the Washington Post and Forbes. This is one of the best comedy books 2021 that will teach you how to turn your real-life problems into punchlines because comedy is all about portraying your real-life issues or social issues in a funny way. 


You must know there are various kinds of Comedy genres and this book will help you choose yours. The book has step by step teaching of how to write a five-minute material to a sixty-minute material, which you also call a comedy special. You will get to know how to overcome your stage fear as you will have to perform Infront of thousands and lacks people and you must be confident. There are a total of forty-eight exercises written in the book which if you follow then no one can stop you from becoming a known stand up comedian.

What People Liked About The Book

  • Help you gain confidence in yourself.
  • Has a lot of practice set for you to begin with. 
  • Prove to be productive for some.
  • Creates enthusiasm.

What People Didn’t Like About The Book

  • Can be triggering and offencive for some people as comedy is based on real life incident.
  • Might be monotonous for some readers. 
  • Some might need more jokes than is already present. 


As quoted by Oprah Winfrey, “Judy Carter can show you how to make your sense of humour pay off.” Also, Lily Tomlin says, “Judy Carter helps others find their authentic persona and communicate in a way that makes audiences laugh.”Of course, when something like this comes out of two famous personalities, you already know that you have to read the book. 

The author wrote this book and dedicated it to all the stand-up comedians, to be stand up comedians and for stand up comedy fans and for them who want to know how becoming a stand-up comedian works. 

We all know that the way Judy works is extraordinary.

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