Save The Natural Beauty With Cetaphil Soap And Glow Your Skin

CETAPHIL Gentle Cleansing Soap is a  non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic body and face cleaning agent, uniquely intended for sensitive and dry skin. It contains 5 feeding fixings that purify the skin without drying it out, keeping up with the skin’s normal dampness boundary without stripping it of defensive oils.

This purging bar is liberated from soap, brutal surfactants and parabens sustaining the skin without causing dryness or bothering, leaving the skin feeling soft, clean and hydrated. Clinically tried for even the most delicate skin, this gentle, scent-free purging bar successfully scrubs without stopping up pores or over drying the skin. The following are the exclusive features of Cetaphil soap.


Nourishing Ingredients to Gently Cleanse

  • Cetaphil Soap Bar is clinically demonstrated to scrub and feed sensitive and dry skin
  • Specially detailed with 5 feeding fixing ingredients
  • This nourishing soap bar tenderly cleans without over drying skin or stripping its normal defensive oils or emollients
  • Contains shea margarine as a functioning fixing which is amazingly to keep the skin moisturised

Amazing After Use Results

  • This delicate purifying bar washes away earth and microscopic organisms in 20 seconds
  • Cleanses while at the same time keeps up with the skin’s normal moisture levels
  • Leaves your skin feeling delicate and clean
  • Ideal for use on the face and body, including regions known to be dry, like elbows, knees and feet.

Non Iratting Formula

  • Gentle Cleansing Bar is dermatologist suggested
  • Extraordinarily detailed for even the most delicate skin 
  • This delicate, cleanser free and paraben free equation is liberated from brutal cleansers and surfactants that may bother touchy skin
  • The gentle purging bar is even delicate enough for kids
  • Cetaphil Soap has no adverse effect

Dermatologist Recommended

  • Cetaphil is the #1 dermatologist suggested facial skincare brand 
  • Cetaphil skincare items are created with and clinically tried by dermatologists.


  • A mild cleansing bar 
  • The moisturizing properties balances the skin’s pH level
  • It has a very minimal fragrance
  • pH of 5.5
  • Can easily last for 2 months
  • Easily available


  • Contains SLS
  • Little expensive
  • Dosen’t work best for oily skin


Now that you know that Cetaphil Soap would for sure work in your favour and help you maintain the correct pH and moisture balance, do give it a try. It is nothing but a regular soap but a better version with proven results.

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